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Industrial LCD for Outdoor Use
Outdoor environment put a lot of stress on TFT LCD. The display needs to provide optimum service under tough working condition.
Touchscreen for Outdoor Environments
Display with touchscreen is sprouting out left and right. When using outdoor, touchscreen needs to have special properties.
What is Liquid Crystal Display
Liquid crystal display is "the" screen that we see or touch the most day in and day out.
How to Safely Clean An LCD Display
LCD Displays are interfaces of human and machine. They expose to various environments, especially now that COVID-19 spreading around the world. So it's impossible to keep a screen clean all the time. When you are going to clean an LCD display,do you have the right steps in mind?Maybe what you've been doing is not right!
In-Cell, On-Cell and OGS, three capacitive touch screen technologies
In-Cell, On-Cell and OGS(One Glass Solution) are three new ways to create capacitive touch screen display.
Difference Between Resistive and Capacitive Touch Display
There are types of touch screen,RTP and CTP are used more than others. Can you tell the difference between RTP and CTP? If not, you may want to read along.
Smart LCD Makes Medical Aesthetic Device Smarter
With innovations continuing in the realm of device-based aesthetic procedures, more and more aesthetic devices equipped with color LCD display. And Smart TFT LCD is particularly suitable for medical aesthetic equipment.
LCD Touch Screen Display For Vending Machines
Touch screen vending machines belong to  high-end devices. They bring a more friendly and familiar feeling when making purchases. This operation is similar to customers’ experience on smartphones, pads and other smart devices. 
LCD Display Screen for Scanning Translation Pen
A scanning translation pen is a handheld device with monochrome or color display screen.
Capacitive Touch Screen Tuning And Tips
We all used touch screen more or less everyday. But do you know how to get CTP working in optimal state?
Industrial TFT Display vs Consumer LCD
TFT LCD display for industry use is very different from consumer one.
How To Create Sunlight Readable TFT LCD
There are two ways to build sunlight readable TFT LCD: to overpower the sunlight; or to work with the Sun.