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Submitted by admin on 6 January 2020

Research & Production

Topway’s core strength lies in fulfilling customer’s demand of low-volume/high-mix LCD modules, in selection of COB and COG LCD modules, color TFT LCD and Monochrome LCD modules with LVDS HDMI VGA MCU RGB RS232 or UART interfaces.  With the profound accumulation of technologies, production line development and talent reserve, Topway will continue to focus on serving LCD display markets worldwide based on technology innovation.


Smart LCD Module

In Topway, we believe in “making thing simple & reliable”. This vision is reflected in the design of liquid crystal display product and in customer support. Nowadays, engineers are facing the stress of shorter project time and less funding. To help ease that stress and further simplify product development, Topway created Smart LCD, color TFT LCD display with its own “brain”. Smart LCD frees engineer from complex LCD UI development, simplifies hardware design and reduces product’s time-to-market.


smart lcd development


Research & Manufacture Campus

To support our customers in this highly competitive market, Topway has been heavily investing in technical and manufacturing capability. In 2018, Langfang research and manufacture campus broke ground. And we are busy upgrading LCD product line as well, launching more and more Smart LCD modules, product with wide working temperature range and viewing angle.