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Capacitive Touch Screen Tuning And Tips
We all used touch screen more or less everyday. But do you know how to get CTP working in optimal state?
Industrial TFT Display vs Consumer LCD
TFT LCD display for industry use is very different from consumer one.
How To Create Sunlight Readable TFT LCD
There are two ways to build sunlight readable TFT LCD: to overpower the sunlight; or to work with the Sun.
TFT LCD Burn In And Prevention
LCD screen burn in is also called image retention or image persistence.
TFT LCD LVDS Interfaces & Colors
LVDS is one of the main interfaces of TFT LCD display module. It has faster data transfer and lower power consumption than other interfaces.
Point of Sale TFT LCD Display
POS serves as the central component for many businesses. Picking the right TFT LCD display for POS greatly impact a company's brand identification.
Comparison - TFT LCD vs OLED vs Micro LED
Display technology comparison among main stream TFT LCD, OLED and the newest Micro LED.
LCD Backlight
We know LCD doesn't emit light itself. It relies on backlight to show information.
China Top 10 LCD Display Manufacturers
China has become a global hub of LCD display manufacturing as domestic firms start mass production of liquid crystal panels and overseas giants set up facilities in the country.
TFT LCD Display - Smart Home Application
Color TFT LCD displays are used in many areas, smart home application is one of them.
LCD Contrast & High Contrast LCD
LCD contrast is one of the important factors that determine an LCD display's visual effect.
LCD Viewing Angle
LCD display's viewing angle is an important property of LCD screen. It affects your product's final appearance and appeal.