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TFT LCD Display with Network Connectivity

Continuous technological advancements and disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic rapidly expanded the use of Internet of Things (IoT) in our society. These include various applications in the consumer space, healthcare, education and industry. 

Smart TFT LCD with Ethernet Interface

The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) has led to increasing development of connected embedded systems and smart devices. And they often require a user interface to display data, enable monitoring or configuration, as well as networking connectivity. To respond the demand of connected device, Topway created Smart TFT LCD module with an integrated RJ45 ethernet interface, addressing the needs of IoT products for intelligent display and networking in a single compact solution. 

Traditionally, TFT LCD display is an information showing device. Smart TFT LCD embeds MCU, touch screen and networking interfaces. Which can respond to user's interaction and remote enquiry independently.

tft lcd with network capability

Benefits of Smart TFT LCD Display

Benefits of Smart TFT LCD with Ethernet for IoT Devices:

  • Rapid interface development: The drag and drop UI design tool allows quick creation of polished, customized interfaces without coding. This simplifies interface implementation and speeds up product development.
  • Reduced processor load: The onboard MCU handles the UI, touch functions and Ethernet communication, reducing processing overhead of the host chipset. This lowers costs and power consumption.
  • Stability and security: With an embedded Ethernet controller and 14KB FIFO buffer, the Smart TFT LCD provides a stabilized network connection for reliable data transmission.
  • Flexible connectivity: Available with 100 Mbps Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and optional CAN or RS-232 for maximum connectivity. The multi-interface versions provide a future-proof platform for networked products.
  • Space-saving: An all-in-one compact module with TFT LCD, touchscreen, Ethernet and MCU requiring no additional circuit boards. This simplifies design and provides a minimal footprint, yet increases reliability.
  • Long lifetime: Module lifespan of over 50,000 hours. Capability to update UI, features and networking stack through firmware updates for extended product deployment.

Applications of Smart TFT LCD with Ethernet

This innovative Smart TFT LCD solution is ideal for applications such as security equipment, diagnostics tools, automation systems, renewable energy monitors and healthcare devices. Some examples include:

  • IP security cameras - Live video feed display, camera configuration and control over Ethernet.
  • Building automation gateways - Visualization of HVAC, security or electrical systems data and Ethernet-based connectivity.
  • Green energy generation - Local and remote monitor of power generation, consumption metrics via Ethernet with data shown on the display.


The Smart TFT LCD with integrated Ethernet offers Ethernet networking and intelligent interfaces in a space and cost-efficient design for IoT products. With flexible connectivity options and long deployment capability, this forward-looking solution helps companies build smart connected systems for the future.

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