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Sunlight Readable LCD Display

Sunlight readable LCD displays are designed to operate in direct sunlight or harsh ambient light conditions. Sunlight readable LCD displays are also known as daylight viewable LCD, outdoor LCD display. There are different technologies available to achieve sunlight readability in environments with very bright light. They all work on increasing object's contrast against background. For human eyes to see, 2:1 contrast ratio is the minimum; 5:1 is acceptable; 10:1 is good. 

High brightness TFT LCD

This approach is to use bright LCD backlight to compete with ambient light. Below is a general suggestion on choosing TFT LCD brightness under different surround brightness.

lcd ambient light

The consequence of increasing backlight brightness are LCD will consume more power and generate more heat.

Transflective TFT LCD

Transflective TFT LCD displays have a rear polarizer which includes a translucent material. And it reflects part of the ambient light as its illumination. The stronger ambient light is, the brighter the TFT LCD will appear. 

transflective lcd

Since transflective TFT LCD has both transmissive and reflective properties, it works very well in outdoor and indoor environments. In addition, it is very energy efficient, making it ideal for battery powered devices. 

Surface treatment

To further improve readability under direct sunlight, Anti-Reflection and Anti-Glare treatments can be employed. AR film can reduce the amount of reflection light gets into observer's eyes.

anti-reflection lcd

As for Anti-Glare, it cuts glare and diffuses reflections on TFT LCD screen.

anti-glare lcd

Optical bonding

Optical bonding is the process of filling air gap between TFT LCD and top surface of the display with optical grade adhesive. Optical bonding decreases light refraction (from both LCD backlight and outside light), thus improves TFT screen's readability. Beside optical benefit, optical bonding improves ruggedness and touchscreen accuracy, prevents fog and condensation. 

Topway sunlight readable LCD

Although high brightness displays will generate more heat and use more power than a traditional LCD, Topway's sunlight readable LCD display utilizes the latest low power high bright LEDs to keep power consumption to a minimum. Our sunlight readable TFT LCDs are available with various touch screen options including resistive and capacitive technologies. Topway's sunlight readable LCD displays are designed for demanding indoor and outdoor applications and have seen success in, kiosks, EV car charging station, environment monitors areas.