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LCD Touch Screen Display For Vending Machines

What is a vending machine?

A vending machine is a modern device with touch screen that sells products to customers. It is placed in public areas like colleges, airports, gas stations, hospitals and molls. Hence, the buyers can get snack, cold soda-drink,  hot coffee, frozen food, even movie ticket from above-mentioned places.

LCD Touch Screen Display On Vending Machines

Functions of LCD Touch Screen Display On Vending Machine

Touch screen vending machines belong to high-end devices. They bring a more friendly and familiar feeling when making purchases. This operation is similar to customers’ experience on smartphones, pads and other smart devices. Vending machines equipped with touch screens also help product images and prices displaying more clearly.

Features of 15" Capacitive Touch Screen From Topway

- Anti-Glare surface treatment better brings out the vibrancy of deep colors. It reduces not only amount of reflected light, but also amount of visible dust, grease, and dirt. AG screen is easier to clean, with a soft microfiber cloth and regular tap water to keep screen pristine.
- Operating Temperature is  -20 ~ +70°C, suitable for both in-door and out-door environments.
- Multi touch screen allows customer use multiple finger gestures to do things like pinch the screen or track pad to zoom in, spread fingers to zoom out, and rotate fingers to rotate an image.
- With a resolution of 1024x768 16 million colors, vivid product picture and rich information can be shown on screen.
- High speed, low noise, long distance, and high accuracy interface of LVDS


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