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Smart TFT LCD on Peristaltic Pump

During Covid19 pandemic, medical devices are in high demand. Peristaltic pump for pharmaceutical is one of the hot items. Several customers choose Topway's 7 inch smart TFT LCD as their peristaltic pump's screen. Using Smart TFT LCD with touch screen simplifies device control and improves hygiene.

How Peristaltic Pump Works

Peristaltic pump is a type of positive displacement pump, also called tubing pump. Most peristaltic pumps work through rotary motion and are made up of three main parts: stepping motor, rotation head and soft tube. The rotor has a number of “rollers", which compress the flexible tube as they rotate. The section of tube under compression is shut, pushing fluid to move through the tube. Also, as the tube opens to its natural state, more fluid is drawn into the tube. With such peristalsis process, peristaltic pumps transport liquid at a set rate. They are often used in pharmaceutical, food and beverage and lab applications.

Smart TFT LCD Brings New Benefits

Using Topway graphical UI editor, customers can quickly finish peristaltic pump screen design and implementation in a short time. Combining with touch feature, our customers greatly abridge the products' control panel, and improve perstaltic pumps' aesthetic.

Below is one of the product's screen design.

  • Working mode setting: constant flow, Uniformly accelerate / deccelerate, distribution etc.
  • Logic setting: flow direction, delay start / stop, pause and so on.
  • TFT LCD screen shows all the important information: rotation speed, flow speed, total volumn

Peristaltic pump

Topway's 7" and 4.3" Smart TFT LCD have been used on perstaltic pumps for more than 3 years. They are reliable and easy to use, winning us order after order.